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"Liberty Bars - Author unknown.

"Liberty Launches We All Knew" - A short story you just might enjoy! (click to view)

"Are You Regular Navy?" (click to view) caution - contains some salty terms

Navy News (click to view)

"Reflections of a Blackshoe"/"I Was A Sailor Once"  (click to view)

"Old destroyer sailors never die, they just hop aboard an Arleigh Burke" Dave Meisenheimer's Tiger Cruise aboard USS Ross (DDG-71) (click to view)

"In the Navy" - Ever wonder why we sailors chose to be lifers? Here's a good reason why!! http://www.greatdanepromilitary.com/Navy/index.htm


What is a Veteran?  Submitted by Dave Vrooman EM3 '60 - '62


The Snipes Some snipe history submitted by Bill Rudolph BT1 -Plankowner


"Old Navy Poem" Contributed by an Air Force Friend - Author unknown