Note: The roster list is a work in-progress. I may have your information and haven't got to it yet, but don't be afraid to send it again anyway.



Pictures and Biographies

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You're invited to send in a picture of you during your days aboard Hull, and if you choose, one of you today. Let us know what you've been up to over the years if you wish. If you provide a picture including shipmates, please try to ID them. Please send name, rank/rate, dates aboard, pictures and any additional information to:  Webmaster  If you don't have the availability of a scanner, you can send me photos and I'll send them back. Just let me know and I'll give you the mailing address.




Crew Roster for DD-350 (click to view)



Crew Roster for DD-945


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For reasons of privacy, only name, rank/rate and service dates will be published.

To add your name to the list, please send name, rank/rate and service dates to: mailto:webmaster@usshullassociation.org?subject=add to roster list

If your name is listed and you wish it removed send name to: mailto:webmaster@usshullassociation.org?subject=remove from list

To update/correct your information send your name to: mailto:webmaster@usshullassociation.org?subject=update info

Contact information for Association members can be found in the private Hull Association member list.