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Membership in the Association shall be for persons who served in an active duty status aboard the USS Hull.  Associate (non-voting, non-dues paying) memberships can be offered to any other interested party.

Two years for $20.00 covers you to the next reunion and gives you the username/password to the USS HULL ASSOCIATION membership database and periodic Newsletters sent to you by 1st Class U.S. Mail & E-mail. 

First-time memberships also receive a 7.5"x 3" window/bumper sticker and a 3" diameter fully-embroidered ships patch.




To join the association follow the mail link below and enter your:



Telephone number

email address

Service dates aboard Hull

rate/rank aboard Hull

Wife's name


mailto:treasurer1@usshullassociation.org?subject=Association Form


Send your dues to:


c/o J. McKechnie, Treasurer - LT (SC) '64 -'66

5845 Haber St.

San Diego, CA 92122




To update/change personal information follow mail link below and indicate any changes


mailto:treasurer1@usshullassociation.org?subject=Update/Change Personal Information


You can put the information on paper and send it to:


c/o J. McKechnie, Treasurer - LT (SC) '64 -'66

15845 Haber St.

San Diego, CA 92122

Thanks for joining the association.